Martin Whalen Office Solutions – A Focus on Education

Dear Reader,

Martin Whalen Office Solutions (MWOS) has been supporting technology in schools for 81 years.  In the early years, our version of educational support meant keeping thousands of typewriters up and running for hundreds of schools dotting the Chicagoland area.  As the years pressed forward and the technology advanced, MWOS remained focused on education as a centerpiece of our customer base.  Schools are the foundation of our communities and the family-orientated mission of MWOS was well suited to thriving in the local education market through the years.

Today, MWOS continues to support hundreds of educational organizations, including public education, private education, higher education, and everything in between.  The current landscape of education is in flux.  All sectors face new realities as the “classroom of the future” scuttles towards us and past us with alarming speed.  Technology has never been more important to the overall success of our local schools.  MWOS remains committed to being at the forefront of the ongoing shifts in technology, building on our core commitments of putting the customer’s needs first and providing essential guidance to our educational partners.

Please visit this blog often, as we will be analyzing industry trends and sharing best practices that might make a big impact at your school.  Thanks for reading.


-Mark Koll-